Why RESELF 360°

Why RESELF 360°

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ―Aristotle

Sadly, in our times, we can see a lot of people that are depressed or suffer from anxiety. Many of us live dulled lives, somewhat robotic in nature and devoid of deeper meaning and purpose.
Our lives often become visionless and passionless. We live in an intensely competitive culture that rewards achievement and success. Our identity 
and esteem become reflections of these external markers of achievement.
Growing and living under social pressure makes us leave behind our true desires, goals and passions. We are afraid of manifesting our true selves in order to protect from criticism and judgement, which often leads to complete oblivion of who we really are and what we really like. 

To achieve balance and happiness we must overcome those borders and become sincere with ourselves. Finding and connecting to our true selves is not easy, but is possible. This is why I created RESELF 360°. 

We are a project that aims to help people connect to their true selves and find harmony.  To understand their inner problems and conflicts, to find out what makes them happy, achieve tranquillity and peace for their mind and soul. 

I want to connect with people from all other the world, which are ready to come with us on this amazing journey and create a strong community which will vibrate higher together. 

Our main focus is on directions, that we think, are vital for achieving balance in daily life: meditation, yoga, health, spiritual activities, increasing energy, art etc. 

Through term RESELF we transmit the idea of finding our true way of being, which means to reform the present self. 

360° stands for a full circle, which means incorporating all points of view and ability to turn freely.
Starting from the first point, which represents the present self, we "draw" a circle till we reach the same point we started with, which now is our authentic self. The whole circle represents the journey that we had on our way.    

Diana Kapitsa, CEO & Founder of RESELF 360 💎
Contact: reself360.office@gmail.com

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